Fiber artist, designer and stylist based in Portland, Oregon. Jorie was drawn to textile design as an exploration of the structure of weaving and the study of compositions.  She began working in 2008 under the studio Anntorian. Since beginning, she has created collections of handmade items with a focus on traditional techniques and applications.


Shape Series - 2017. Woven Wall Hanging series created out of selvedge denim. Series focus is on composition and the manipulation of scale and perception. 

  • Circle-1.
  • Block-1.
  • Block-2.
  • Line-1.

WildCraft Studio Schools - Class Instructor.  "We strive to connect students to their innate creativity through skill-driven workshops that focus on traditional craft practices, textiles, Native American art, foraging, and herbal medicine. Through hands-on experience, we aim to encourage a deep understanding of the connection between place, culture, and tradition." - WildCraft

  • 2017. Leather Craft 101
  • 2013, 2014 Frame Loom Weaving
  • 2013. Rag Rug Weaving

Brass 01 - 2015. Commissioned Wall Hanging. Woven with self-spun yarn, brass and cotton.

Woven Textile Series - 2012. Study of process, series of woven bags.


Content Creation

Product Development

Brand Content 

Commercial Styling


B.A. Architecture - Ball State University.